• Jennifer Warren
  • Wednesday, May 17, 2017
Blog Image - ODD Jobs and why it is now the fashion in employment

Odd jobs serve many purposes. Whether you are trying to fill a financial short fall, produce income whilst having time for the kids, saving money for a holiday/rainy day or paying for study fees, little ways to earn extra cash exist all around us.

Several advantages to odd jobs include short-term commitments, quick pay and unexpected cash in the pocket. The elusive trick to earning miscellaneous income is identifying who out there is willing to pay that little extra for a service you can offer to free up his or her valuable time. There are many benefits to working odd jobs which greatly outweigh the notion that they are not full time or even part time jobs. Certainly if you’re between jobs, looking to make a little extra money or try something new, can be hugely beneficial and well worth giving a serious look at instead of ignoring. It’s always better to be working than it is to not be working, odd jobs can be beneficial whilst looking for permanent employment. So long as your odd jobs are framed in a positive light, they can be a very favourable addition to your employment history.

The other great thing about odd jobs, apart from cash in hand, is that when you’re earning money, you’re not out spending money. An odd job can be anywhere from a one off one hour odd job, or a week to a month’s worth of odd job employment. This can be quite a helpful relief for some, lots of extra hours doing odd jobs is necessary just to cover costs and stay out of debt and for those trying to live below their means who have the time and the inclination odd jobs are a great way to get some flexible cash. And if you’re careful with it, a surprising amount can actually wind up back in a savings account. One of the best things you can do is to make a list of the things you love to do. Find a way to make one of them pay for itself and possibly pay you. Next, make a list of things you can do and look around to see if anyone else is doing them. Again, pick out at least one to pursue.

Types of ODD JOBS

With each odd job it varies, making it always interesting, below is a list of the normal type of odd jobs mixed with quite unusual odd job requests you may find yourself doing at some stage. Walking dogs, erecting furniture, organizing homes, cleaning, domestic helping, driving, the odd house hold damage, fundraising, kennel worker, picking and packing, painting, paperhanging, personal shoppers, undercover bridesmaids, small plumbing jobs, tiling, bricklaying, interior design help, professional mourners, financial help, plastering assistance, house sitting, rubbish removal, promotions, IT support, deliveries, flyer distribution, BBQ help, after party clean ups, help with choosing outfits, friend for a day, plant polisher, and many other types of odd jobs, some sound strange I know but hey if you are willing to give it a try why not.

Help with being a great ODD JOB doer

Keep in mind that some people see garbage where others see gold. Some odd jobs that may seem beneath some people could actually be aa easy, money making job that Mr snob missed out on. Keep your mind open as you never know where it could lead you and what you will gain from it.

Do it right or do it again

Finish the job correctly the first time. This leaves both you and the odd job employer satisfied and confident in hiring you for future work.

Keep your odd job work experience documented

Always keep the experience you gain from doing odd jobs as an option to add to your CV. Just because you may have only worked one day does not mean that you haven’t gained valuable experience.

When searching and applying for odd jobs List the things you are best at

List the things you are best at. The longer your list, the more likely you are to get hired. Include things that you can do for others that they might not be willing or able to do for themselves, such as cleaning chimneys, painting, hauling trash or repairing small objects.

Collect the equipment you need to be able to do odd jobs

In many cases a basic set of tools will be enough, but if you plan on doing plumbing, yard work or work on automobiles, you’ll likely need to get specialized tools. Include in your collection any other necessary supplies, such as gloves, protective clothing/shoes, garden tools. Most of the time the odd job employer will provide the necessary equipment.

Be happy and pro-active

Explains itself.