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Looking for Employees?

  • Create an online job listing in minutes.
  • Post a position vacant to get your job listing potentially seen by millions of people in Australia.
  • View job applicant’s video bio ( if applicant uploaded) - helping you to easily shortlist candidates saving you time and filling the position with the most suitable talent.
  • Workitjobs can promote your listing on social media - making it seen by even more job seekers.
  • Use our profile/CV search engine to find staff fast. Target by occupation, location and keywords.
  • Simple, quick and easy to post any position vacant.
  • Be notified of job seekers matching your search criteria.
  • No commission paid to Workitjobs.
  • Jobseekers apply direct to you.


How much does it cost?

  • $20 per job listing

  • List as many positions vacant as you like for only $20 per job per month. This Includes your company logo and access to view a talent pool of job seekers.

  • Job listing advertised across all of our social media feeds.

  • Jobseekers apply direct to you.

  • Only $20 per job listed per month.